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MementoMoriGuidelines for the Use of Content From MementoMori’s DOWNLOAD Section

Bank of Innovation, Inc. (hereinafter “BOI”) permits users with non-exclusive use, as specified by BOI below, of artwork that is related to BOI’s title MementoMori (hereinafter “the Game”) in accordance with the articles described below (hereinafter “Articles”).

If you download any artwork (hereinafter “Artwork”) distributed as content on the DOWNLOAD section on the Game’s official website and use them on a third-party website, you shall first carefully read the Articles described below and agree to them all. Minors shall have their legal guardian read the Articles and acquire their legal guardian’s consent before using the Artwork. Any individuals who do not agree to the Articles, as well as any minors who do not acquire the consent of their legal guardian, shall refrain from downloading the Artwork. Furthermore, please ensure that you also read and agree to the Game’s Guidelines for the Use of Intellectual Property before using the Artwork.

Article 1. The Artwork

The Artwork available for use is described as follows. Use of artwork that is related to the Game, other than the Artwork, on a third-party website is prohibited.

  • ・Content found on the DOWNLOAD section (wallpapers for smartphones, PCs, and tablets; virtual backgrounds for video calls and video conferences)

Article 2. Prohibited Matters

The methods of use described below are prohibited.

  1. 2.1.Transferring, commercial trade, and loaning of the Artwork to a third party.
  2. 2.2.Use of the Artwork in commercial or monetization activities.
  3. 2.3.Use of the Artwork that is intended to defame or damage the public image of the Game or the Game’s characters.
  4. 2.4.Use of the Artwork after excessive resizing, modifying, or editing.
  5. 2.5.Use of the Artwork that is detrimental or harmful to the experience and enjoyment of fans.
  6. 2.6.Removal or alteration of the trademark or copyright mark displayed on the Artwork.
  7. 2.7.Use of the Artwork that acts in violation of applicable laws or public order and morality.
  8. 2.8.Other methods of use of the Artwork which BOI determines as improper or inappropriate.

Article 3. Revocation of Permission

If such a case were to occur, the user shall quicky comply with BOI’s instructions, conditions, or restrictions. BOI shall bear no responsibility for any damages caused to the user from said instructions, conditions, or restrictions. Thank you in advance for your understanding.
If such a case were to occur, the user shall quicky comply with BOI’s instructions, conditions, or restrictions. BOI bears no responsibility for any kind of damage that arises from these instructions, conditions, or restrictions to the user. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Article 4: Disclaimers

  1. 4.1.BOI shall distribute the Artwork in its present state and shall not guarantee the usefulness of the Artwork.
  2. 4.2.Users shall be solely responsible for how they use the Artwork. Should the use of the Artwork cause a dispute between a user and a third party, the dispute shall be settled between the concerned users. BOI bears no responsibility for the resolution of said dispute.
  3. 4.3.BOI shall be allowed to cease or modify distribution of the Artwork without advance notice to users and shall not be liable for any compensation in relation to distribution of the Artwork.

Article 5: User Liability

If a dispute arises, such as a claim or lawsuit filed by a third party against BOI, due to a user’s improper or inappropriate use of the Artwork, the concerned user will solely bear the liabilities and expenses to resolve said disputes and shall indemnify BOI from all claims, lawsuits, expenses, damages, losses, and other liabilities.

Article 6: Rights to the Artwork

BOI is the sole copyright holder of the Artwork.

Article 7: Applicable Law and Jurisdictions

The use of the Artwork shall be governed by the laws of Japan. If a dispute arises between BOI and a user, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court with jurisdictional control over the resolution of said dispute.

Last Updated: August 9th, 2022